Tuesday, November 5, 2013

In depth - weekly updates + Goals for November


A few of you may have noticed that I am now posting weekly updates for my WIPs.
This idea came from a facebook group I joined.  I have attempted rotations in the past, and they have never really worked for me, so when I joined this group I didn't have the highest of hopes.


It actually has worked out pretty good!  I am finding that working on a project for a week makes it look like I actually get something done!  I have also discovered that I really like my TW project as I seem to see it in most of the weekly themes :)

Since I know some people don't have or like facebook, and there are others that are already in enough groups, here are the next few themes.

Nov 3-9 Mini projects (I plan to work on my dragon dreams ornaments)
Nov 10-16 Teresa Wentzler OR your hardest project (YAY!! Fortunate Traveller)
Nov 17-23 Borders and Confetti  (This will probably be Fortunate Traveller, Autumn Leaves, or Celtic Banner)
Nov 24 - 30 Biggest Project  (Probably Autumn Leaves, but I may pull out my HAED too)


To recap - here are my goals from October

1) stitch an ornament
YEP - did dragon dreams day 10

2) plan finishing for my dragon dreams ornaments as I want them done and hanging on my tree this year
I didn't really plan, but did think about it.  I have an idea in my head :)

3) continue with my theme rotation at least one day per week (creative interpretation allowed)
Yes!  The only week I didn't follow the theme was Halloween.  I didn't want to have yet another WIP in my pile

Now for November:
1) Finish up the last two (with optional third) Dragon Dreams ornament.  I would like to see these finished and on my tree this year.

2) Continue with the theme rotation as much as I can

3) I have my next CGA exam on December 7th. I think 1 and 2 are as much as I should plan as I really need to get some studying done too :)


Do you follow a rotation?  if yes what is it?
Do you post your goals each month and recap?


Anonymous said...

I've tried doing rotation, but it's not for me. I usually only have one cross stitch and one knit project going at a time.

Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on achieving your goals for the month. I did have a rotation but have let it slip. Not sure if I am going to try again or not. Will probably wait until the New Year. It was a weekly rotation and I posted on a Sunday.

Shelly said...

I'm not on a rotation, I'm just all over the place! I should try making monthly goals, keep me on track. Since I belong to a few SAL's, it's like having goals and meeting them every month.

Maxine said...

I have tried rotations in the past and I just never stick to them! I'm going to have a think about how I can work my different wip's and try and sort something out to start in the new year.