Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stitchers questions - Part 1

This is part 1 of 20 Stitchers Questions I found on Facebook

1) Which fabric do you most prefer?
I prefer eveanweave fabric, lugana.

2) What is your favorite fabric count?
I usually use 32ct, but am really liking 40ct these days ( just wish it was in evenweave lol)

3) What colour fabric do you most enjoy stitching on?
This is a hard question for me. I don't have a particular colour, and usually pick something that will work with the pattern i'm doing. After Smaug though, I won't be picking black for a while ;)

4) What is your favorite fibre?
I really like using overdyes. I have a bunch of Carrie's, and some GAST, weeks, and a few threadworks.

5) How many of the 450 DMC Colours do you own?
I have owned every one of the DMC colours over the years. One of my projects to get done in Decemer is to go through my DMC and replace what is missing.

6) Of your last 5 projects -- how many used DMC/Anchor as the main floss?
I took this as last 5 started:
Life is a stitch (Lizzie Kate) - non dmc
Christmas Quaker (AuryTM) - non dmc
Wedding Row - Bent creek (camo version) - non dmc + dmc
Fortunate Traveller (TW) - all DMC
Celtic Banner (TIAG) - both other and DMC * so i guess the answer is 1/5 (TW)

7) Of the last 5 projects, if you didn't use DMC/ANCHOR -- what did you use?
Life is a stitch (Lizzie Kate) - Sulky blenables
Christmas Quaker (AuryTM) - called for GAST
Wedding Row - (camo version) - overdyes (can't remeber) + dmc
Celtic Banner (TIAG) - Caron wildflowers and DMC

8) What needles do you prefer?
Piecemakers Size 28

9) What is the UGLIEST design you've encountered?
I have a problem with this question because in my opinion cross stitch is art and art is subjective. What might be ugly to one isn't to others. I think the word ugly is what I have a problem with. I dislike most primitive patterns.. does that sound better?

10) What is the most BEAUTIFUL design you've encountered?
:( tough one! I am going to answer in regards to my WIP's. At the moment this would have to be Autumn Leaves.

That is it for today... the next 10 come tomorrow

What are your answers to the above questions?

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geeky Heather said...

I thought I'd have more DMC projects than you, but I was surprised...I answered all the questions here: Stitching Answers rather than give you the longest comment ever commented. =)