Saturday, November 18, 2017

2017 Week 45 and 46 - exciting things and lots of leaves

This week (which i'm starting from November 1st) saw two very exciting things... one stitching and one non-stitching.

First, the non-stitching...
If you have looked at my Instagram account, you would know I am an Ottawa Senators Fan.  Last October it was announced that their farm team (AHL) was moving from up state New York to Belleville Ontario... 45 MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE!!! Ottawa games are 3.5 hrs each way, so both Blair and I were VERY EXCITED.  We waiting until season ticket info was announced and I was actually the 2nd person to purchase.
November 1st saw the first home game this year.
View from our seats - behind penalty box, 9 rows from the ice
Now, for the stitching related thing.
The first weekend in November is the fall retreat which takes place at the Timberhouse Resort in Brighton Ontario.  18 wonderful ladies take over the resort for the weekend, where we all proceed to do lots of stitching and catching up (ok... maybe only some stitching).
November retreat also has an ornament exchange.  This is the amazing work done this year.

 This is the ornament I received, stitched by Barb

And this is the one I did - from this years JCS ornament issue

While at retreat, I worked exclusively on Autumn Leaves

I continued to work on Autumn Leaves for the rest of the week.
Progress to November 11
Getting close to a finish!


Anonymous said...

So glad you have hockey nearer to you.

Right before we left Jacksonville, they were starting a new farm team from the Blue Jackets --- the Jacksonville Icemen.

But, I have an even bigger team near me now ---- we are about an hour from the Philadelphia Flyers and if we were so inclined could use public transportation to get there. Clawed Giroux is VERY happy to know he now resides in the same city as Claude Giroux!!! LOL

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely ornie exchange, it would be a treat to get any of those in an exchange!