Wednesday, January 4, 2012

winter day 3 + a little tease

I am currently at home waiting for the furnace guy to finish the yearly checkup.  Figures... I could have stitched for a few hours, but no... HE HAD TO ARRIVE ON TIME!!  LOL we can never be happy can we.

Last night I did manage to get a bit done on my winter mandala... although not as much as I wanted.  For about an hour after dinner I had no desire to anything at all

Here is where I was as of last night

Winter - January 3

Not the greatest pic, but I did put a bit of colour in

Later in the night, I decided to put winter away and do a scissor fob.  I was wanting to do one of my new scissors, but don't have any pink beads.  Then I remembered a stitchy friend.  She pointed out last year that I had not given her a fob like I have done with some other stitchy friends.  I told her I needed to find the perfect charm for hers.  Well about a week after that, I found the perfect little charm for her.  I knew I had all the beads I needed for hers, so got to work on it.  I am pleased with the result.  I won't be giving it to her for a few weeks, and since she is a reader, I can only give you a sneak peak.  I am sure this will be more of a tease for the recipient though ;)

what will it look like?
Well it looks like I will be heading to work soon.  Hope you all have a great day


AnnMcD said...

Your mandala is looking fabulous!

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on your mandala. Love the scissor fob.

Anonymous said...

Not nice - teasing me like that. I wonder what could be on the end? lol

Anonymous said...

I love it. Can't wait to see it finished. I have the perfect scissors - Dani gave them to me last year in Arizona.

Beatrice said...

Wow looking good...I haven't had much time.

Joysze said...

IC looks great. :D

Dani - tkdchick said...

Was it Judie hinting at one cause she certainly is here!!!!

Good progress and lovely fob.