Wednesday, September 5, 2018

September 2018 plans

Well hello September!
I am continuing to reduce my plans for the months until my stitchy bug shows that it will stick around.

  • I am now behind for July and August... so I am going to try and get caught up by doing at least two this month.  I have started one... I just have to finish it
  • I also need to get an ornament ready for November retreat... so I really need to get on these!
  • October is up next
  • I would like to stay caught up on this SAL.  I am only one part behind as of the 3rd of September.  The 6th part comes out on the 8th and the 7th on the 21st.  While weekends are going to be busy this month, I should be able to manage this. 
  • Maybe I will have a finish in October after the 8th part comes out!!
4) WIP
  • There are so many things I want to start... but need to keep WIPS at a maximum of 10 (where I find it comfortable).  
  • This means getting back to focusing on something during the month.
  • My oldest non-UFO wips are Canada Sampler and Tapestry.  I will make one of these my focus until its done... probably Tapestry.
Wishing you all a happy, and productive September!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

August 2018 plans update

How crazy is it that it is already September!

As you can tell, I am still behind in my blog posts.  I have been doing a bit of stitching though... so that is good.

Until I get 100% back on track, I will be doing monthly goals plans and then the recap.

Now... lets see how I did in August!

1) Ornament a month - NOPE
  • I have started one, but it didn't get finished
2) Year in Chalk - YES
  • I did complete September, but it isn't laced yet... hopefully tonight

  •  I have not made any progress on Sneek or the cactus SAL
  • I HAVE made progress on the Dutch Tile SAL.  Currently on part 5!
  • If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I stitched my wonderful friend Lianne's second release - Hearts Aflutter.  She is designing under 1897 schoolhouse samplers and you should totally check it out!
  • Here is my interpretation as I made a couple of small changes

All in all, still not back to Pre July, but definitely better than July.
Lets see what September brings... and just remember

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

August 2018 plans

Well Hello August!

I hope with your arrival, my stitchy bug comes back to hang out!  Since July was so crazy, I am reducing my plans for August.  If I do more... GREAT!

  • Not sure what it will be, but I know it will be small and easy.  I also hope to get 2 done this month... so I'm back on track
  • September is up next
  • I am currently in 3 SAL's... although only actively in 2... The Dutch Tile SAL and the Long Dog Sal.
  • I will try and get a part on each, but will be happy with getting a part on at least one
  • I had a goal to finish by a specific date, but I don't' think that is possible now.  I am going to try and focus on this until that date to see how far I can get.  After that... no matter if it is done or not, I will be able to post pics :)
That's it!
Lets hope my update has more to offer than July did!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Weeks 29 and 30 - the nothingness

So again I'm behind on my posts... but the main reason is my stitching bug still has not returned.

I did start something last week, and got a tiny bit of progress on it, but I can't share it

Speaking of last week, I was on holidays... and I did get a lot of knitting done!

Here is my hitchhiker shawl as of Saturday the 28th.

As of last night, I was at 34 of the 42 teeth

July 2018 plans update

July wasn't a good stitching month for me.  From a horrible cold at the end of June, to the heat, and also including the ornament from hell that ran off with my stitchy bug.

Lets see how I did...

  • In fact the one I started totally stole my stitchy bug.  I put that little bastard in UFO bin.

2) YEAR IN CHALK - August - YES
  • This is did do.  Its not laced as of this morning... but at least it is done

3) LONG DOG SAL - Long Dog Samplers Mystery - Sneek - NOPE

4) FOCUS WIP - Canada Sampler - NOPE
5) NEW START - Dutch Tile SAL - YES
  • I started and got done Part 1 of the SAL.  I am not behind two parts now, but that is okay!
Dutch Tile SAL - Part 1

Fingers crossed I have a better stitching month in August!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Weeks 27/28/29 - small update, knitting, and TUSAL

Well I'm behind on my blog again....
Seems since my horrible cold and the long weekend, I can't keep up with it... but probably more due to the fact I have HARDLY STITCHED!

yes... you read that right!

Here is what I have done though...

1) Started the new Dutch tile SAL from Lakeside Needlework and Peppermint Purple.  I finished part 1 on July 17th

2) I took a beginner knitting class in May.  Since then I have made a few dishcloths and then started a baby blanket using a similar pattern.  I finished it on the 13th of July

3) I attended my first yarn trunk show on the 12th of July at Yarn It.  I picked up one skein of this beautiful Killarney Sock yarn that I am using for my first shawl.
Speaking of Knitting... anyone else on Revelry?  Please send me your username so I can add you as a friend :)

The Blue Brick Copper Slate Killarney Sock Yarn

Close up of Copper Slate
The start of the hitchhiker shawl
On the 13th I also met up with Dani and Christin who were passing through town on their way back to Ottawa.  Dani had never been to Primitive Designs, so we met there.  Dani got a pic of me petting a baby Dino :)

It was also TUSAL last week... here is my tiny bit of orts for the month!

I included week 29 in this post even though its not Sunday yet.
I am on holidays the week of the 23rd and with no major plans, I hope to get caught up in some stitching... at least start and finish my August Year in Chalk, and an ornament... that way the month won't feel like a total write off!

I hope to post a week 30 post on the 30th and then a monthly re-cap on the 31st..... keep your fingers crossed for me!

Monday, July 2, 2018

July 2018 plans

Hope all my Canadian readers had a wonderful Canada DAY!

  • This month I am picking one of the carolers from Christmas Chorus in Cross Stitch Favourites from a while back. This is designed from Durene Jones.
  • August is up next
3) LONG DOG SAL - Long Dog Samplers Mystery - Sneek
  • Start and finish Part 5
  • This month is time to show Canada Sampler some much needed love, and I thought this was the perfect month to do that.
  • I will also try and get at least one more cactus done on the Prickly but Cute SAL
  • The new Peppermint Purple Dutch tile blackwork SAL has started.  I would like to try to actually keep up with this one.  Since it is smallish, this shouldn't be an issue!

  • Every Monday give an ink circles pattern at least a little love.
  • Use the hashtags #InkCirclesMonday in Instagram
  • For more information, see April 2018 plans post