Tuesday, February 1, 2022

January 2022 Summary



WIPS at start: 22

New Starts: 2

Scrapped: 0

Finishes: 2

WIPS ending: 22

Days Stitched: 24

New Starts:

Life is Better - Started January 1st

Peppermint Purple SAL - Started January 5th
I am doing Layout 6 with my own colourway based on a Stitch Palette


Life is Better - Lizzie Kate
Jan 1'22 - Jan 7'22

Jardin de Plaisir - Long Dog
Jan 1'21 - Jan 17'22

Ink Circles and Long Dog

Back in December Christin and I were talking about our Ink Circles Day.  We also discussed that we need to spend more time on our Long Dog projects.
Then we talked Becca into joining us :)
I hereby declare... at some point every Sunday, when possible, the stitching of a Ink Circle or Long Dog design shall be completed.  It is the intention that the designer shall alternate each week 
This shall henceforth be referenced as #IDDxs

We officially started on the 9th with Ink Circles (IC), but since my plans for the Jan 2nd start got cancelled, I started with Long Dog (LD) on the 2nd.

We are using #IDDxs on Instagram if you want to follow our progress

    Jan 2 - LD - DONE
    Jan 9 - IC - DONE
    Jan 16 - LD - DONE
    Jan 23 - IC - DONE
    Jan 30 - IC - DONE

#24Hours of Cross Stitch

The weekend of the 21st was the first quarterly #24HOCS weekend of the year.  I went into that weekend totally ready to get 24.
Well things happen and I needed to be away from the house on Saturday for a few hours.  This ended up de-railing me... but things happen
I ended up working on Starburst, Farewell to Anger, Templar Prophecy, and Castle Walls.
In the end I did accomplish 18 out of 24 hours.... not too bad at all.

I plan to re-try this on the long weekend in February (not an official #24HOCS weekend)


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

2 starts, 2 finishes is a great way to start the year. I love the colours in the Stitch Palette you've chosen.

Good luck with the Inky Dog Days SAL, I guess that's what it stands for? It's a good idea to see regular progress on larger projects anyway.

I'd love to do an entire 24 hours marathon but my son insist on sleeping at some point and I have to join him!

✔️ Blackjack 21 for Fun said...

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